Mike Edens
President, CEO
Mike Edens, Online Marketing SpecialistA native of Rochester, Minnesota, he pursued creative interests at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and was inspired by the Internet’s potential in 1998. Mike combined enthusiasm for technology and art by working as a web and video producer to develop pioneering digital programs for institutions such as Scholastic Inc., Mayo Clinic, WNYC Radio, Art Education for the Blind, Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, Western Australia Department of Education, The Artist Challenge and numerous colleagues in visual art, music, radio, theatre, and dance.

Mike has helped over 500 businesses, from small to large, local to worldwide, leverage online technology to engage audiences and foster growth.

Katie Megan
Director of Operations
Katie Megan, Online Revenue and Lead Generating SpecialistA native of Houston, Texas, she developed a strong entrepreneurial spirit, sharp business acumen and a passion for research while owning and transforming multiple small businesses into successful corporations.

Katie’s outstanding analytical and relationship skills have been forged by extensive, real-world business experience.  She employs practical insights that gets results, backed up by thorough research and critical analysis.  Katie enjoys developing strategic business campaigns that serve the needs of the client, while fostering plans for long-term growth and sustainability.